Sonntag, 16. November 2008

Die Canada in grün

Ebenfalls eine superversion der Revolution Canada ist die grüne Variante. Das grün wurde sehr dunkel gehalten, wirkt dadurch so richtig Retro, fast schon leicht dunklbraun.

Bis jetzt kann man wirlich sagen das die Revolution Canada in jeder Farbe ein richtiger Hit ist!


  1. Hi There

    I am amazed by this passion for this jacket, first I need to introduce my self, I am Palle from the company RVLT and actually I did the jacket several years ago ( I think more than 6-7 years ago)

    I will just give you the story about the jacket - actually the jacket is based on several second jacket bought around the world - germany, holland, US as I remember - then the sum of all these different jacket made it into this Canada model as it is today.

    for a long time we only did it in black and more or less only sold it to a few passionated shops in DK - but as we started working we Gernamy the jacket really picked up for the better - and thank you very much for that.

    Since the very first Canada we have made it in almost any color - like orange, red, green, purple as well as the classics like cognac, brown, grey and of course black.

    We have made it 100% cow leather from the beginning and then added a heavy wash to make the used look. Later on we have made it in sheep leather (sheep is thinner and more soft).

    No matter what - the Canada is great the more you wear it and honestly my black sample from 1999 is just getting better and better

    thank for this passionated blog

    Best Regards

    Palle Bruun Rasmussen
    Design Director of Revolution

  2. Hi Palle,

    thanks, it's really nice to meet you, we love your jacket you really did a great job.

    If you have some pics of older jackets, samples of never used colours or anything else about the canada you can send that to us, I really appreciate that.

    Thanks very much and best regards from the german revolution canada community :)

  3. Hi, auch ich bin ein großer Canada-Fan. Ich besitze sie schon in schwarz und cognac und sie begleietet mich fast jeden Tag. Also, eine von beiden.
    Wo bekomme ich denn die grüne Canada? Sehe sie hier zum ersten Mal und finde sie richtig cool. Kann jemand helfen?
    Grüße, V

  4. Die grüne gibt es leider momentan nicht mehr.. Evtl. mal bei Ebay versuchen!